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What exactly is folliculitis?

Folliculitis is an infection and inflammation in the hair follicles—the tiny openings in the skin that enclose hair. You can have folliculitis on any part of your body that has hair. Even the nearly invisible hair on your face or back. It is most common on the face and scalp and areas rubbed by clothing, such as the thighs and groin. Folliculitis is also referred to as ingrown hairs and razor burn or bumps.

What causes folliculitis?

Shaving or wearing clothes that rub the skin can irritate hair follicles, which can lead to folliculitis. Follicles also can become blocked or irritated by sweat, oils, or makeup. When bacteria, yeast, or fungus is present with injured follicles, they are more likely to become infected, resulting in folliculitis.

What is Hidradenitis, and can CLn BodyWash be used on affected areas?

Hidradenitis is a somewhat uncommon skin condition that features small, often painful lumps below the skin. The lumps typically occur in areas where skin rubs against skin, including underarms, beneath breasts, between buttocks and the groin. Many Hidradenitis patients benefit from using a cleanser, such as CLn BodyWash, that is specifically designed for skin prone to infection.

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