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"Improving the lives of people with problem skin through a new skin cleansing approach"

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Dr. Azam Anwar is a renowned cardiologist and has developed many groundbreaking products, including a heart stent and contrast injector. Ten years ago, he noticed a patch of dry skin on his left leg, but did not give it much thought. However, a week later, the small area had expanded rapidly across his lower leg, becoming red and painful.

He visited a dermatologist who immediately diagnosed him with MRSA cellulitis. MRSA (methicillin resistant staph aureus) is a strain of staph bacteria that has become resistant to various antibiotics; it can cause a rapidly worsening skin and tissue infection known as cellulitis.

As antibiotics are mandatory for an aggressive skin infection, Dr. Anwar began a prescription. Soon after he was also prescribed bleach baths because he could not tolerate the commonly used chlorhexidine skin cleanser. It became clear that the medical community was in need of more effective skin cleansers.

As a life-long innovator and inventor, Dr. Anwar became determined to find a better way to help people address compromised and troubled skin through a new skin cleansing approach. So began a journey with dermatologists and other scientists to bring a truly different skin cleanser the market. The product had to be effective and affordable, as well as easy and safe for the entire family to use.

CLn Skin Care was fully launched in 2014 with its first patented product, CLn® BodyWash. It incorporated sodium hypochlorite into a gentle, easy-to-use and clinically-proven gel cleanser formula.

The benefits of sodium hypochlorite, such as its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, were now available in an approachable and appealing product.

With research supporting its use as a first-line maintenance therapy for those with compromised skin at risk of infection, CLn BodyWash proved to be an effective head-to-toe body cleanser for adults and children alike.

As CLn BodyWash grew in popularity, our team partnered with esteemed dermatologists to create an entire product line to meet the needs of all skin types. We want everyone with compromised skin to have a first line of defense against skin conditions that is...

  • affordable
  • easy-to-use
  • clinically proven