Winter Acne: It's Not What You Think

Winter is here! That means it's time to bundle up and get outside, but it also means that your skin may be feeling a little... different.

If you're finding that your face is getting pockmarked with acne, don't worry—you're not alone. Because of the change in weather, many people find themselves dealing with pimples that they didn't have before. But don't fret: we've got some tips for how to take care of those pesky little bumps so you can enjoy winter no matter what your skin is doing.

Winter Acne Causes

While you may think that colder temperatures would be beneficial for keeping acne at bay, the opposite is true. In fact, there's a good chance that the dry air during wintertime could be making your skin more vulnerable to breakouts than usual.

The combination of dry indoor heat with cold outdoor temperatures causes skin cells to lose moisture faster than usual. When this happens on a regular basis over an extended period of time (such as during the winter), it can lead to dry skin and blemishes — especially if you already have oily skin or are prone to breakouts.

Your drying skin may also be causing an overproduction of oil, which clogs pores and causes pimples to appear on the surface. In order to prevent dry skin from making your acne worse, it's important that you keep up with your skincare routine. You should also consider using a humidifier in your home during the wintertime — especially if you spend most of your day indoors. This will help keep the air moist and reduce damage done by cold temperatures on your skin cells.

Additionally, the winter months can also be stressful, and this stress can be linked to acne flare-ups. Stress causes your body's cortisol levels to rise, which makes your skin produce more oil than usual.

Winter Acne vs Summer Acne

Summer and winter acne are similar in their formation, but the causes that trigger outbreaks can differ. In the summertime, you can get acne because of all that extra sweat! The sweat mixes with oil on your face and creates an environment where bacteria can thrive and multiply.

Meanwhile, winter acne is caused by dry skin, cold weather, and indoor heating. These factors make your skin flaky and irritated—and itchy! This can lead to acne breakouts on the face and neck area because of the irritation that occurs when dead cells build up in these areas. Moreover, as skin tends to dry out in the winter, acne worsens and makes it harder for treatments to work.

When treating winter acne, it's important to choose ingredients that balance your skin. Because it is drier during this season, you want to avoid harsh formulations and focus on treating acne without damaging your complexion further—which can lead to more breakouts!

Dealing with Winter Acne

One of the best ways to deal with winter acne is to keep your skin clean. Keep your face hydrated and ready for the colder months. If you're using harsh ingredients like alcohol, fragrance, or drying cleansers and lotions that strip away moisture from the skin's surface, these can cause or worsen acne.

A good rule of thumb is to avoid harsh scrubbing or exfoliation if you're prone to acne. That's because these products can irritate the skin and make it more susceptible to blemishes—especially when the air is cold, dry, or both! So if you want to keep breakouts at bay this winter, try using a gentle cleanser instead of an exfoliating one.

Choose products that are gentle enough for all year round. Using a mild cleanser and moisturizer can help treat many cases of breakouts that are caused by cold weather or other external factors. These products are made specifically to be kind on sensitive skin while also removing dirt and makeup.

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