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Hear what Eczema Specialist Dr. Aron has to say about..


As a physician and inventor, I welcome any and all opportunities to discuss health issues with other medical professionals. At the most recent American Academy of Dermatology meeting, I had the chance to sit down with the esteemed South African eczema specialist Dr. Richard Aron. Read on to hear what Dr. Aron of the famous Aron Regimen has to say about causes of eczema and how he uses CLn.

 Dr. Aron’s Beliefs on What Causes Eczema

Dr. Aron has firm beliefs regarding what causes eczema. Read a transcript of our discussion below or watch the video to learn about his point of view.

Dr. Anwar:  We have noticed recently you have added the CLn Body Wash to your regimen. Could explain the reasoning for that for the audience?

Dr. Aron:  Certainly. Fundamental to my regimen and the positive outcomes which it achieves in a great number of patients is the understanding and the perception that the key trigger in active AD [atopic dermatitis] is the presence of Staphylococcus aureus. And it has been established through research by Dr. Nakamura and her team out of the University of Michigan that the delta toxin of Staphylococcus aureus acts as a poison, resulting in degranulation of the mast cells in the skin, causing an outflow of histamine which creates the flares and consequently this is the reason why I use the antibiotic compound to eliminate the Staph.

Now, what does one do to prevent reinoculation by Staphylococcus aureus? I have found that the use of sodium hypochlorite is a very effective preventative agent if used in the correct way. Now, I do not favor the use of raw bleach at all but I am using CLn Body Wash and other [CLn] products, including the Gentle Shampoo, for my patients as a maintenance treatment to reduce the potential for reinfection. One has to treat bleach with caution. Some patients will not tolerate it, but fortunately, I have found that the vast majority of patients in regard to the formulation of CLn products are able to comfortably continue treatment with this particular product range.

Dr. Aron’s Use of CLn for Patients in the Non-Acute Phase of Atopic Dermatitis

Dr. Aron recently added CLn BodyWash and Gentle Shampoo to his Aron Regimen. He prescribes CLn products for patients who have passed through the acute phase of the condition. Read (or watch) how he recommends the cleansers be added to maintenance routines.

Dr. Anwar:  When do you add the CLn range into your regimen?

Dr. Aron:  I do not use it in the acute phase of the inflammation, but as soon as I have obtained what I consider to be adequate control of eczema and the patient’s inflammatory aspects have calmed down by measuring the level of reduction in itch and the improvement in the level of the sleep pattern, I then introduce the product usually on a three times weekly basis.

We hope you’ve found this informational post helpful. We are refreshing CLn Skin Care’s YouTube channel to include additional interviews with doctors that use CLn in their practices. And we’ll have some follow-up interviews with past CLn users posted soon as well. Stay tuned for more video content soon!


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