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Does Swimming Give You Clear Skin?

Summer brings with it the best of heat and sun. It's the season of fresh fruits and chilled drinks, from al fresco drinking to hearty picnics in sunny fields. And, if your favorite way of cooling off is taking a dip in your community pool or swimming in the ocean, your summer just got even better.

Swimming does wonders for your body. It helps with anxiety, boosts your immune system, relieves stress and so much more. Swimming also has a tendency to help you shed those extra pounds as well!

But what about swimming and your skin? Swimming is more than just a sport or form of exercise, though. There are a lot more skin benefits of swimming than you think.

Here are the ways that swimming benefits your skin:

1. Swimming is one of the best ways to prevent acne naturally.

Anyone who's ever broken out with acne, or just had an occasional pimple, can appreciate how stressful it is to wonder how your skin will react to various substances. One of these worries is swimming.

Fret not. Swimming in a pool can help prevent, minimize, or treat acne breakouts. Why? Chlorine has antibacterial properties, so it can help reduce the size and amount of breakouts by drying the acne out.

When chlorine interacts with water and your skin, it can remove and purify the water molecules that are on your skin. The chlorine also attacks bacteria by lowering the walls within their cells, which ultimately causes them to die.

However, balance is important, because too much pool time can cause acne to worsen. Remember that chlorine dries out the skin, and oil production increases when your skin is dry. As your face produces more oil, your pores may be clogged with excess oil, and you are more likely to get acne.

Aside from the chlorine, be mindful that sunscreen can also contribute to acne, which might be an issue if you’re swimming in an outdoor pool. Unfortunately, you still need protection from sunburns or skin cancer, even if you have some pimples. To prevent acne breakouts from sunscreen, look for one that’s labeled “non-comedogenic" when buying.

2. Swimming in saltwater helps your skin heal.

An old wives' tale says that seawater clears up skin conditions like acne. But Dr. Joshua Zeichner, director of cosmetic and clinical research at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, says that this is actually true. The salt in ocean water can be beneficial to your skin, because it has a drying and exfoliating effect. Moreover, the salt helps remove excess oil from your skin to minimize breakouts.

People with acne scarring may also find relief in swimming in saltwater. The minerals in the water—magnesium, calcium, and potassium—relieve inflammation and open your pores so that impurities can be removed. Each of these minerals performs a different function.

Magnesium is one of the most important minerals in the body. It helps the skin fight off damage from the environment, and it also regulates cellular regeneration. Calcium helps keep skin healthy by producing sebum, which is the skin's natural moisture. Potassium regulates the moisture in the body and is also found in many foods.

3. Swimming is a great way to give your skin a healthy glow.

When you dive into the water to swim, your heartbeat increases. This increases blood flow to the body, helps nourish skin cells, and boosts metabolism. In simpler terms, swimming stimulates your metabolism by increasing the circulation of blood. As a result, toxin removal is facilitated. Hence, the more you swim, the better your skin will look and feel.

Swimming is a cleansing therapy that people should consider because it benefits the skin. It helps your skin to look and feel its best. It makes the skin soft and smooth, and opens up pores, giving you a healthy glow.

Swimming can be a skincare routine in itself. The act of treading water stimulates circulation, which helps keep the skin clear and improves its elasticity. When you have good circulation, toxins don't stay in your body too long, and all the nutrition you get gets absorbed quickly. If you want to look fresh and rejuvenated, this is the exercise for you!

Ultimately, swimming can help you with your clear skin goals. It won't remove your current skin problems, but if you want to help your skin stay clean and clear, it's worth taking a dip or two. Whether it's in a pool, in the ocean, or at an in-ground community pool, swimming is an excellent way to keep your skin looking amazing. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead—take the plunge!

Disclaimer: Unless otherwise explicitly stated, the content on this blog, including all articles, videos, and other information, is for general informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or another qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment and before undertaking a new health care regimen. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website. The views expressed on this blog and website have no relation to those of any academic, hospital, health practice, or other institution.

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