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Beards are a rite of passage from boyhood to manhood.  When taken care of, they can look debonair. They define jawlines. They accentuate the eyes and make a fashion statement. A hipsteresque full beard or a carefully waxed handlebar mustache lets the world know who you are. During playoff season, growing a beard defines your superstitious nature. A mustache in “Movember” shows your support for cancer awareness. But underneath all that facial hair, the health of your skin can make or break your beard game. Read on to learn more about beard care and facial hair problems.

What Can Go Wrong with a Beard?

We spoke to high-end hair stylist Heidi Grace about beard care issues her customers encounter on a regular basis: “Maintaining a beard in any climate is difficult.  But during the summer, or in warmer climates, things like heat rash and yeast-like symptoms tend to be much harder to manage. This is also true for men who routinely exercise to a sweat.” Another concern that usually goes under the radar is a simple one. According to Grace, “Men don’t realize that when they eat, food gets caught in the facial hair. It causes unwanted oils and bacteria to build up. It’s a common problem, but just wiping the food away won’t resolve the issue. Cleaning your face after excessive perspiration and eating are essential to maintaining good hygiene and avoiding these problems.”

The following are some more of the most common problems men encounter when sporting facial hair:

Flakes and Itching – Beards and mustaches can get dandruff, just like the scalp. So, it is important to remove the dead skin cells that cause flaking and to remedy the underlying cause of itching.

Clogged Pores – Beard conditioning oils and waxes help moisturize facial hair, keeping it soft and supple. But those same ingredients combine with naturally occurring oils in the skin. If left untreated, acne can result.

Irritation – Unless you’re growing a playoff beard, some shaving is required to maintain beard/mustache styles. Shaving can cause skin irritation, ingrown hairs, razor bumps and folliculitis, which is an inflammation of the hair follicle caused by bacteria.

For additional information about facial hair problems, check out this article on beard health:

An Easy Clean is the Foundation of Beard Care

CLn Shampoo, designed for scalps and skin prone to flaking, itching, irritation and folliculitis, effectively cleanses and removes unwanted oils and dead skin cells.

Prominent Dermatologist, Dr. Sklar, recommends CLn Shampoo as an excellent beard cleanser because, “The shampoo, formulated with salicylic acid and sodium hypochlorite, provides excellent treatment of both rash, inflammation and also potential yeast and bacterial infections in the hair follicle. When dealing with infection, even as small as a pimple, it makes a difference.”

Another benefit to CLn is that it is easy to use! While in the shower, just lather CLn on the hair and face at the same time, and leave on for one minute. You can also use CLn Shampoo in lieu of shaving cream. The benefits of CLn go far deeper than just getting rid of dandruff on your face and scalp. So, when you do decide to shave your magnificent beard, the skin below will radiate a clean and confident you.

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