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A Time for Reflection and Giving Thanks

When we launched CLn Skin Care a few years ago, our mission was to improve people’s lives by inventing easy-to-use, gentle therapeutic cleansers—unlike any other cleanser system on the market. I had had my own health scare. And through it I realized that many more people than myself needed a better way to cleanse compromised skin and skin prone to infection. Our goal at the time felt lofty. We were trying to build and introduce an entirely new product category called “Therapeutic Cleansing.”

Luckily, we were able to partner with a small group of leading edge scientists and dermatologists in the development and testing of CLn products. We created a whole line up of products designed to gently, but effectively, cleanse compromised skin. I will be forever grateful for the collaboration and genius minds that helped make CLn a reality.

We were also fortunate to attract forward thinking doctors to sample CLn products to their patients. Word about our gentle, therapeutic cleansers quickly spread. Soon there was enough demand to begin selling CLn products online. We were not surprised by the reaction, as we knew we were offering something truly valuable and unique. But to see doctors and patients alike rally behind our products filled us with gratitude. It also gave us the motivation to make sure that more doctors and patients discovered how CLn’s line of therapeutic cleansers can truly change lives.

As we reflect on the past few years—and this year, in particular—we are incredibly thankful for the difference CLn is making in people’s lives.

CLn is now:

  • Used in medical settings throughout the US for thousands of patients with compromised or troubled skin
  • Distributed worldwide and recommended to Dr. Aron’s eczema patients
  • Endorsed by team physicians for use by professional athletes needing a cleanser that is tough on microbes and gentle on skin
  • Recognized by the National Eczema Association

We are incredibly proud and grateful for what CLn Skin Care is accomplishing. And we are tremendously thankful for the support we receive from doctors and patients alike. We wish all of you a healthy, happy Thanksgiving.

With gratitude,

Azam  Anwar, MD


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