5 Must Have Skin Care Products for Travel

Few experiences are more enjoyable than taking an awesome vacation with loved ones, but the skin irritation that often comes with traveling can put a damper on the entire experience. From the change in climate to overall stress, traveling has a way of wreaking havoc on our skin—but it doesn’t have to. If you have the right skincare products in your travel arsenal, then you can combat a lot (or all) of the irritation that comes with taking your next trip.
Be sure to pack the following products in your suitcase for healthy, glowing skin from departure to arrival.
Sunscreen is a critical component of your skin’s health, particularly during the outdoor activities that often come with traveling. In addition to protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays, sunscreen like the Super-Light Wrinkle Defense SPF 30 from Paula’s Choice can even out your skin tone while fortifying it with essential nutrients. No matter which brand you choose, be sure to Invest in a sunscreen with at least 30 SPF and free of sensitizing ingredients, like fragrances, for best results.
The sweat that comes with traveling to warmer temperatures can create a breeding ground of infection-causing bacteria on your skin, which may result in skin infections, like acne or folliculitis. An easy defense against this problem is packing the right cleanser. Showering and washing with a non-drying cleanser, like CLn SportWash, each day will help cleanse the skin and eliminate excess oil and grime from your skin. It can also help to reduce or avoid razor bumps so that your skin is always bathing suit-ready.
Changes in temperature and recycled airplane air can be immensely drying for your skin, so you definitely want to pack a solid moisturizer on your next trip. For optimal results, choose a non-greasy, lightweight formula that you can wear daily without clogging your pores. You should also ensure that it has nourishing ingredients, like the niacinamide and ceramide complex found in CLn Facial Moisturizer, which feature antioxidants that help protect it from pollutants and anti-inflammatory properties.
Lip Protection
When protecting our skin, a lot of us overlook our lips. But they can become dry, irritated, and sunburned just like the rest of our skin, so it’s important that you have the right measures in place to protect them. Products tend to be removed from our lips faster than other areas of the body, so consider investing in a lip treatment with a broad-spectrum SPF that you can take in your pocket and reapply throughout the day as needed. 
When it comes to combatting skin infections, there’s no substitute for giving your face a thorough cleanse within an hour of an activity, but that’s not always possible when we’re out and about. On your next trip, pack some cleansing wipes that you can use in a pinch, like Purity Made Simple Cleansing Cloths from Philosophy. These wipes will help remove makeup, dirt, and oil without the need to rinse with water. Plus, they’re incredibly soft, so they won’t irritate your skin. 


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