Skin Conditions Change Lives—So Do Innovative Solutions

Tyler's Story

The Story

The internet is abuzz with the story of Tyler, a boy who suffered from eczema so badly that he scratched day and night. He had limited ability to walk, play and attend school. His parents exhausted all known eczema treatments over the course of 6 years, with no change. Until they discovered Dr. Aron’s revolutionary Aron Regimen.

The Happy Ending

This Today Tonight video tells Tyler’s story and how Dr. Aron helped change his life. It is a touching and incredible account of how dermatology can dramatically improve the human condition. Congratulations to our friend, Dr. Aron. He has done so much to help those with moderate to severe eczema.

How You Can Learn More

You can learn more about Dr. Aron and his regimen, here. His regimen includes therapeutic cleansing with CLn BodyWash.




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