Nail Salon Safety: Top Tips for Staying Safe at a Nail Salon








Trips to the nail salon should leave you feeling pampered and relaxed, but they also require diligence on your part AND by the salon. Read on to learn how to stay safe while getting prepped and polished.


Avoid nail fungus

Salons are legally required to refuse clients with nail fungus. If you see someone in the chair next to you with a fungal infection, leave. Such microbes spread easily through soaking bowls and wet surfaces.

Allow disinfectant to work

All tools must soak in a disinfecting solution for more than 20 minutes. Avoid peak times at nail salons, as crowds may cause manicurists to soak tools for less than the recommended times.

Opt for safe callous removal

Never allow a foot file resembling a cheese grater to be used to remove thickened areas of skin. They can harbor bacteria, and cause abrasions in feet where germs can enter.

Ask for safe cuticle removal

Request to have your cuticles pushed back, not trimmed. Cutting back cuticles with nippers can spread germs from patron to patron.

Time your visit right

Avoid manicures and pedicures until any cuts, scrapes or blisters on your hands or feet have healed. Any open wound, even a hangnail, during a mani/pedi can potentially lead to infection.

Never shave your legs right before you go to the salon for a pedicure. Razors create minor abrasions that leave you open to infection. Instead, wait 24 hours after shaving to visit the salon.

Speak up

If your nail technician does not wash his or her hands before your treatment, make sure to ask them to wear disposable gloves. Fungal infections can be undetectable to the human eye but spread swiftly through contact.

Prep before you pamper

Thoroughly wash hands and feet before and after treatments to prevent the spread of fungus and bacteria. We recommend CLn Hand & FootWash. Its innovative, concentrated formula deep cleans and is designed for hands, feet and nails prone to infection. You can even bring it to the salon with you and add a dollop to your soaking basins.

Nail salon visits are not a luxury if they end in infection. So, follow these simple tips to stay safe, and enjoy the pampering and latest color trend!

Our next topic is folliculitis. Check back for tips on avoiding unsightly razor bumps and “bacne.”



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