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It is my pleasure to welcome you to CLn® Skin Care’s blog. Since launching CLn several years ago, we have come to learn that people love our products, but they usually have questions about their skin. Skin is the body’s largest organ, and when something is wrong with it, we do not feel our best. So, we here at CLn® have launched this blog to help answer your questions and to work with you to achieve optimal skin health.

The Inspiration for CLn

Before I ventured into inventing a new line of therapeutic skin cleansers, I was a cardiologist. Despite knowing the importance of good hygiene and proper cleansing techniques, I still contracted a MRSA infection at the gym. The treatment included oral antibiotics and bleach baths, which were cumbersome. Eventually, the infection went away, but I was determined to develop better ways to cleanse the skin, avoid infection and manage ongoing skin inflammations so that others didn’t have to suffer as I did.

By partnering with leading dermatologists, we formulated a line of patented sodium hypochlorite washes, known as CLn. The cleansers are helpful for those prone to both staph and MRSA colonization and have revolutionized skin cleansing for those prone to rash, eczema (atopic dermatitis), acne, folliculitis (ingrown hairs), rosacea, athlete’s foot and more.  The CLn line of cleansers has been clinically proven and is safe for children from six months and up.

What to Expect From CLn’s Blog

It is our hope that this blog will be a starting point for you to both learn about CLn and to find answers on how it can help you. We’ll also engage leading dermatologists for tips on tackling your trickiest skin issues. I look forward to all the exciting and diverse topics lined up over the next several months, and I know you do, too. Up next: Flakey Beard Issues for Men.

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Yours truly,

Azam Anwar, MD
TopMD, Inc.
Founder, CEO



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