About Our Affiliate Program:

The CLn® Skin Care Affiliate Program provides online publishers with the opportunity to earn great commissions while giving visitors access to some of the highest quality hair and skincare products available today. As an affiliate, you will have access to CLn® Skin Care creative assets and product links that have been designed to appeal to your audience. Each time a visitor to your site clicks on one of these links and purchases a CLn® Skin Care product you will receive a commission. If the visitor is not an established customer of CLn® Skin Care, you will earn 10% commission for bringing in a new customer. If the visitor is already an established customer of CLn® Skin Care, you will still receive a 3% commission on any purchases.


CLn® Skin Care products include:

CLn® BodyWash: EVERYONE'S BODY WASH: Clinically proven to reduce the appearance of skin redness, drying, and flakiness seen with eczema to promote healthy skin. Safe for children 6 months and older.

CLn® SportWash: DEVELOPED BY PHYSICIANS FOR ATHLETES: Gyms, locker rooms, sweaty equipment, workout clothing, and damp towels are teeming with invisible-to-the-eye microbes (including bacteria and fungi) that can contribute to skin conditions, such as acne, folliculitis (ingrown hairs, razor bumps), back acne, ringworm, and jock itch.

CLn® Acne Cleanser: AN ADVANCEMENT IN ACNE TREATMENT: This acne treatment is an innovative formula designed by dermatologists to clear acne breakouts by eliminating clogged pores and promoting smooth, healthy looking skin.

CLn® Facial Moisturizer: ESSENTIAL TO EVERY SKIN CARE REGIMEN: Water is essential to skin function and without proper hydration, your complexion can look worn, dull and aged. Therefore, moisturizing is a necessary step in every skin care regimen, even for those with oily skin.

CLn® Hand & Foot Wash: DESIGNED BY PHYSICIANS: To achieve a deeper level of cleansing on our hard-working, over-used, and often neglected extremities. Preserved with sodium hypochlorite and formulated with salicylic acid, it effectively removes odors and grime that lead to unwanted hand, foot, and nail conditions.

CLn® Shampoo: HIGH-PERFORMANCE SHAMPOO: CLn® Shampoo is a high-performance shampoo that clinically cleanses normal to oily hair with scalps prone to itching or flaking that accompanies folliculitis (irritated hair follicles), dermatitis, or dandruff – including beard dandruff.

CLn® Gentle Shampoo: GENTLE HYDRATING FORMULA: Effectively cleanses sensitive and normal to dry scalps prone to itching and flaking caused by dryness, dermatitis, or eczema. Formulated with glycerin and conditioners for moisture balance and to replenish lost nutrients and restore a healthy scalp.

Promoting CLn® Skin Care products can help your visitors discover high quality products while enhancing your Web site and earning you big commissions.

Program Features:

  • Generous 10% commission on new customer sales
  • 120-day cookie duration
  • Quality Datafeeds
  • Deep Linking
  • Full-time, pro-active Affiliate Management

Program managed by PS Web Solutions



Your Site Guidelines:

You hereby agree that your site will not, in any way, copy or resemble the look and feel of the CLn® Skin Care site nor will you do anything to create the impression that your site is CLn® Skin Care site or a part of its site, including without limitation, framing CLn® Skin Care site in any manner. You also hereby agree that your site will not contain any content, including but not limited to images, videos, shared social media posts, customer testimonies and the like, from CLn® Skin Care websites or social media sites or any materials which are proprietary to CLn® Skin Care, except 1) with our prior permission or 2) the materials were obtained by you via the Network in accordance with the provisions hereof or the policies or instructions thereon. Permission to use content or materials outside of the Network may be obtained by contacting cln@pswebsolutions.com or call 800-823-2602.

You further hereby agree that your top-level domain name does not and will not contain CLn® Skin Care, TopMD or any variation thereof. Inappropriate advertisements (False claims, misleading hyperlinks) are not permitted.

For the avoidance of any doubt, THE USE OF CONTENT FOUND ON CLN SKIN CARE WEBSITES AND SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES AND USE OF TOPMD’S TRADEMARKS IN YOUR DOMAIN NAME ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED; AS SUCH, ANY VIOLATION WILL RESULT IN TERMINATION OF YOUR AFFILIATE AGREEMENT. Images of celebrities and user testimonials may not be the property of CLn® Skin Care and use of the same may result in legal disputes involving you, other parties and/or CLn® Skin Care.

Search Policy:

Trademark bidding and DTM linking require express permission. If you are a serious paid search affiliate, we are open to working with you. A select number of search affiliates may be allowed to supplement our corporate search efforts. If interested, please e-mail cln@pswebsolutions.com or call 800-823-2602.

Title & Descriptions & Display URL in general:

In general, you shall not engage in practices that portray your site as any of CLn® Skin Care sites.

The titles and descriptions must not be deceptive and must accurately reflect current promotions on CLn® Skin Care properties.

With the limited space available in titles and descriptions - take care not to try to promote something that cannot be properly explained. For example - free shipping on certain products must be explained as such. Similarly, discounts that apply to only with certain products must be explained in that context.

E-mail policy:

Generally, CLn® Skin Care does not allow its affiliates to engage in e-mail marketing. However, if you own directly gathered opt-in lists, such as a loyalty program or house list, and would like to request permission to e-mail, please send a request to cln@pswebsolutions.com

Affiliates agree to not engage in spamming, unsolicited e-mail and indiscriminate advertising. Lists hoping to be considered should reflect the guidelines established by the IAB's Ethical Email Guidelines and be CAN-SPAM compliant.

If affiliate receives approval to engage in e-mail marketing, it must include disclaimer that the communication was not transmitted by or on behalf of CLn® Skin Care.

Approval Policy:

We want to work with affiliates as partners and try to communicate directly whenever possible. If you were declined for our program, please DO NOT take this as a rejection, but as a request for more information. We really want to work with all qualified publishers!

Please send your name, address, phone, affiliate ID and the URL which you plan to use to promote CLn® Skin Care products to cln@pswebsolutions.com or call us at 800-823-2602.